Renewable Energy & Climate

The objective of our Renewable Energy & Climate program is to accelerate the shift towards a 100% renewable energy economy.

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Our work is focused in the United States, as we have an obligation to address harmful activities at home, and an opportunity to push for solutions that can lead the global transition away from a 19th-century energy supply to a more intelligent and equitable 21st-century model. We can meet our energy demands with the right mix of renewables, energy efficiency and conservation, and upgrades to the grid infrastructure; all utilizing technologies which are in existence and viable today. By supporting this revolution, we will also realize many co-benefits: mitigating impacts from climate disruption; ensuring clean air and water; correcting environmental injustices; creating jobs; and, most importantly, improving human health.

The 11th Hour Project prioritizes its Renewable Energy & Climate work into two areas: reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and accelerating the production and adoption of renewable energy. These two areas are inter-dependent, as one cannot occur without the other. Our work is based in widely accepted science that informs us we must drastically reduce climate forcing pollutants in order to prevent catastrophic climate disruption.We believe fossil fuels cannot be a part of our energy future because of their climate impacts, as well as the destructive practices required for their extraction. Fossil fuels are a dead-end road and the only path towards a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future is one lined with truly clean, renewable energy sources.

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