In recent decades, there have been tectonic shifts in the ways people learn and make things, connect to each other, and interact with the energy, food and water resources of our planet. Looking through a systems lens, we find new opportunities for a healthier, more balanced, and dynamic relationship with our natural world.


For us, growing beyond an old economy based on extraction and waste towards a regenerative economy means advancing frameworks that value healthy ecosystems, active civic engagement, and social equity.

Like any Foundation, our resources are limited and over time we have selected specific strategic pathways to direct those resources. These priorities may shift over time, as need and circumstances dictate — a marker of resilience. To read more about our programmatic objectives, please see below.

To achieve our objectives, The 11th Hour Project makes grants to qualified 501(c)3 organizations that align with our strategic priorities. We also provide program-related investments to for-profit organizations that align with our mission, as we recognize that solutions will come from public and private sectors. We invite you to review the grants and investments we have made here.

The 11th Hour Project is committed to using its philanthropic resources to deepen and expand its relationships with organizations led by people of color - both operationally and programmatically. 

Our Programs

  • Energy


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  • Ecological Agriculture

    Ecological Agriculture

    11th Hour’s Ecological Agriculture program focuses on three programmatic goals: reforming animal agriculture, building regional food systems, and long-term movement building.

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  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    Our Human Rights Program emphasizes protecting communities’ access to and enjoyment of the natural resources they rely on for their survival, and promotes development that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

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