We support movements that are shaping and advocating for economic development models that foster vibrant local economies, guarantee human rights, and build dignified livelihoods for all.

The Human Rights program challenges a prevailing development paradigm that purports to lift people out of poverty but instead, extracts wealth, harms communities, and devastates the environment. Our grantees protect human rights in the face of destructive mining, energy, and agriculture projects and promote development models that catalyze local economic development and truly benefit people, while restoring the health of our planet and its life-sustaining resources.

We take a holistic approach to human rights work, pressuring governments and corporations to respect human rights and protect people from harm, but also to fulfill human rights through policies, laws, and programs that increase enjoyment of basic rights rather than erode them. We believe that communities should be at the center of development decisions that affect their lives and we fund in ecosystems: supporting grassroots organizing as well as local and international NGOs that each bring specific expertise to the issues we work on.  Our work is focused in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

Some of our Grantees: