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    Real Food Media Project
    Ecological Agriculture

The Real Food Media Project was created by author and educator, Anna Lappé, and a coalition of a dozen food and farming organizations to respond to the need for clear and cogent messaging about the crisis of industrial agriculture and the benefits of resilient food systems.

Industrial agricultural interests—agribusiness, agrochemical companies, the trade associations for the processed foods industry—are pouring billions of dollars into advertising and messaging to bolster core myths about industrial agriculture and weaken progress that has been made to increase public support for sustainable food. Without an organized response, this well-funded messaging will continue to confuse the general public and undermine popular support for the good food movement.

Through its videos series, online action center, and grassroots organizing, the Real Food Media Project dispels myths about industrial agriculture, builds the case for sustainable food, exposes industry-backed misinformation, and connects people to groups on the ground working to transform the food system.