Pie Ranch

  • Grant:
    Capital and Program Support
    Ecological Agriculture
    Pescadero, CA

Pie Ranch takes a place-based approach to changing the way we produce and consume food, emphasizing soil fertility, biological diversity, growing for local markets, and fostering a relationship-based food system.

Pie Ranch integrates a variety of programs that educate, inspire, and connect people more deeply to the food and history of the region.  On 27 acres on the San Mateo coast, Pie Ranch provides on-farm education for students and adults alike.  Its Farm Apprenticeship program takes in beginning farmers every year, teaching them more than just the technical skills of farming, but the ins-and-outs of managing a small farm enterprise. With support from the 11th Hour Project, Pie Ranch also works hard to model and advocate regional land use policies that both protect natural resources and provide opportunity for farmers to connect with the land and sustain a livelihood.