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First published in 1976, Mother Jones, a nonprofit news organization specializing in investigative, political, and social justice reporting, aims to produce revelatory journalism that informs and inspires a more just and democratic world.

Mother Jones operates with a total staff of over 75 people, headquartered in San Francisco, with a 12-person bureau in Washington, DC (among the largest independent media shops inside the Beltway), and a 10-person office in New York.

From global human rights to local food and agriculture; from the fight to protect women’s rights to the critical issue of climate change, the impact of Mother Jones’ reporting is felt far and wide. Its top-quality reporting has driven dramatic growth in audience— now averaging 200,000 paid print subscribers and 3.5 million digital users each month.

Award-winning Mother Jones is a respected, go-to source, telling stories not heard elsewhere and taking advantage of media innovations to make the issues come alive. And when Tom Philpott blogs about food and sustainable agriculture, James West reports from the Climate Desk, Kate Sheppard updates on the continual onslaught on reproductive rights, or Julia Whitty covers the environment, a newly organized public affairs department works hard to make sure the impact reaches well beyond the choir.