Missouri Rural Crisis Center

  • Grant:
    Factory Farm Organizing & Civic Engagement
    Ecological Agriculture

This project builds MRCC’s organizing capacity to challenge the industrialization of the livestock industry, engage their members in farm and food policy arenas, promote sustainable family farm alternatives, hold institutions accountable and build their organizational capacity.

Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC) has demonstrated continual success through their on the ground organizing (most contact with membership is by landlines), through advocacy at the local, regional and national level to halt the policy distortion that supports corporate controlled industrial factory farms, and by providing an economic development opportunity via Patchwork Family Farms.  Patchwork brings together farmers and consumers to provide access to sustainably raised meat.  Along with Patchwork, MRCC has developed a network of community-based food cooperatives that provide high-quality, affordable food, including family farm raised meat, to limited resource families in rural communities. Over the course of the year, over 1,000 rural Missouri families will participate in MRCC’s Food Cooperatives and nearly 4,000 rural Missourians each year take action as part of MRCC's advocacy campaigns.

MRCC collaborates with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and the Land Stewardship Project as part of the Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment, which has been critical in stopping numerous factory farms in the three states, as well as promoting regional and federal policies that support family farmers.  This experience in regional collaboration is an important piece of our support in scaling up these grassroots organizations, and will be an important model as we look to scale up the capacity of small-to-mid-sized grassroots groups that are critical to the movement.