Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

  • Grant:
    Factory Farm Accountability Project
    Ecological Agriculture

Through their Factory Farm Accountability Project, Iowa CCI seeks to educate, engage and mobilize everyday Iowans in local, statewide and national campaigns to challenge the corporate takeover of the livestock industry, promote family farm agriculture and protect the environment.

The overall goals of Iowa CCI’s Factory Farm Accountability Project are to stop the spread of factory farms and corporate takeover of the livestock industry, protect the environment from the pollution and degradation caused by factory farms, and promote an agriculture infrastructure based on environmentally-sound, economically-profitable family farms.  To achieve these goals they will conduct local organizing campaigns to stop construction of more factory farms, work to strengthen Iowa’s environmental policies to protect their water from factory farm pollution, ensure better enforcement of state and federal policies regarding clean water and work with other member groups of the Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment (CFFE) to address livestock concentration issues on a regional and national basis.