• Grist climate t-shirt.
    Grist climate t-shirt.
  • Grist founder and editor Chip Giller.
    Grist founder and editor Chip Giller.
  • An infographic of Grist's most popular headlines of 2012.
    An infographic of Grist's most popular headlines of 2012.
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Grist gives the world a fresh take on all things green. Founded as an independent, irreverent online media platform in 1999, Grist has earned a reputation for using technological innovation and whip-smart reporting to inform, engage, and activate the next generation on issues of climate and sustainability.

Dubbed “the Daily Show of the environment,” Grist reaches well beyond the environmental choir and shapes the national conversation on green issues. Its coverage of food, climate, energy, politics, and urban sustainability informs and mobilizes its monthly audience of 1,500,000 and growing, giving them the tools they need to make change. More than 70 percent of Grist users report taking regular action based on Grist content, from eating differently to getting politically active.

Grist, headquartered in Seattle, has inspired coverage of key environmental issues in media outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, NBC’s Today, and ABC’s 20/20 and been ranked as a top green website by Technorati, The Guardian, and Time. Consider Grist your beacon in the smog.