Food & Water Watch

  • Grant:
    Economic Report Outreach and Food & Water Justice Project
    Ecological Agriculture

The 11th Hour Project is funding Food & Water Watch for their research into the economic effects of consolidation within our food system and their Food & Water Justice project.

Food & Water Watch is investigating the economic and social effects of consolidation within the food system particularly as they relate to farmers and farm communities.  With the successful publication of their report on consolidation, The Economic Cost of Food Monopolies, FWW is now focused on outreach and distribution of their findings.

The Food and Water Justice project is designed to bring a new, complementary approach to the community organizing, outreach and legislative work done by FWW. It seeks to more actively engage the judicial branch of government as a vehicle for positive change.  The FWW Justice project is designing and implementing litigation strategies for much of the work done by FWW, with a focus on sustainable agriculture, protecting common resources and stopping fracking.