Food Craft Institute

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    General Operating Support
    Ecological Agriculture
    Oakland, CA

The Food Craft Institute (FCI) is a professional development organization that strives to create and improve the viability of small and medium-scale, value-added food businesses in rural and urban America. FCI does this through education in traditional food-making techniques along with the business and entrepreneurship skills necessary to build a successful food business.

FCI accomplishes this by teaching traditional food crafting methods and techniques as well as real-world business analysis and business planning skills.  With this training, FCI graduates can launch and improve their own food businesses or obtain high-level jobs in existing food businesses.   FCI defines “food craft” as the transformation of raw ingredients into finished food products by using techniques that change and build flavor, make foods last longer, and increase the impact of land and place on taste. 

Unlike traditional culinary institutes, FCI is focused on reinvigorating the art of food craft, restoring dignity to the professions of food craft, and helping new businesses launch.