Food Commons

  • Grant:
    The Food Commons Project
    Ecological Agriculture
    Fresno, CA

Food Commons offers an ambitious blueprint for a national network of innovatively designed, regionally-based food systems.

With prototypes developing in Fresno, CA; Atlanta, GA; and New Zealand, the Food Commons is using an integrated systems approach to build and coordinate the physical, financial and organizational infrastructure that meets community demand for healthy, clean, and affordable local and regional food.   The Food Commons model allows a diverse local and regional market for food to operate efficiently, compete, and thrive according to the principles of sustainability, fairness and public accountability.  The Food Commons three interlocking system components include: 1) a Trust to hold the brand, land, and other assets, 2) a Fund to allow for local investment, financing and ownership, and 3) a Community Corporation of vertically integrated enterprises to move food from local farms to local tables. 

With 11th Hour investment, The Food Commons is building out its national support infrastructure while supporting local partners in Fresno, California and Atlanta, Georgia in the effort to build a thriving prototype.