Farmer Veteran Coalition

  • Grant:
    Growing Farmer Veterans: Creating Infrastructure to Leverage Grassroots Support
    Ecological Agriculture

The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) is mobilizing veterans to feed America.

Growing Farmer Veterans:  Creating Infrastructure to Leverage Grassroots Support will deal with the two major impediments to the growth of the FVC – staffing and visibility.  Since forming as a project of Community Partners in February, 2009 the FVC has grown at an exhilarating pace.  With prudent management of its limited resources and a core belief in collaboration, FVC has built a strong community of farmer veterans and a series of projects that effectively serve them. More recently they have forged nationwide partnerships with a broad spectrum of the agricultural community, including many groups that rarely work together.   Now it is time to work backwards and build partnerships within those states and regions where the farmer veterans and aspiring farmer veterans can receive more direct contact, support and community building from those working and farming most closely to them.   Growing Farmer Veterans will help fund staffing in their national office in Davis, California that will be key to supporting these grass roots efforts around the country.  It will allow them to build, develop and manage their key programs so that they can be readily available for local and state wide partners to replicate in their communities.  

Growing Farmer Veterans will also fund a major Bay Area screening of the clarion film of the farmer veteran movement – Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields.  They will pair the showing of the movie with food and drink produced by farmer veterans, particularly those featured in the film.  This event will be designed to increase public awareness and public interest in the work of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, and ultimately increase and engage more individual participation and support.