Environmental Working Group

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    Food and Farm Projects
    Ecological Agriculture

Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the nation’s most effective environmental health advocacy organization. We believe that America’s food, farms and families are worth protecting. As such, we conduct game-changing, original, evidence-based research to advance these goals.

EWG's Food and Farm program is pursuing an ambitious policy reform agenda that will tackle some of the damage that industrial food and agriculture practices inflict on America’s health. The 11th Hour Project is specifically supporting three aspects of EWG’s work: 1) the Conservation Database, which will assemble - in great detail - the  agricultural practices that USDA conservation programs have subsidized and in which counties and watersheds those practices have been applied. 2) Remote sensing and landscape analysis, using state-of-the-art remote sensing, geospatial technology and data mining to document the ongoing environmental degradation  of U.S. landscapes associated with unsustainable agriculture operations. And 3) California-focused food and farm policy reform, continuing EWG's research, advocacy and collaborations to support and advance healthier, more sustainable food and farm policy in California.