Climate Solutions

  • Grant:
    Coal to Clean Energy Solutions Story Project
    Northwest, U.S.A.
    Solutions Stories Project and the West Coast Climate Campaign

Climate Solutions is a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit that works to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides.

.  For fifteen years, Climate Solutions has pioneered the vision and cultivated political leadership in the Northwest for the proposition that clean energy and broadly-shared economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand. Through its Business Leaders, New Energy Cities, Northwest Biocarbon Initiative and Policy Leadership programs, Climate Solutions builds a powerful constituency for local, regional and national action on climate and clean energy.

The Solutions Stories project is about demonstrating success.  The stories are about momentum and the growing reality of the clean energy economy, and the people and places that are leading the way.  The project aims to weave these stories into a powerful narrative that will inform decision makers about climate and clean energy policy and investment.