Los Angeles Business Council

As the research and education arm of the Los Angeles Business Council, the Los Angeles Business Council Institute (LABCi) is a forward-thinking research and education organization dedicated to strengthening the sustainable economy of California. Its groundbreaking research on new energy policies has earned national recognition, which led to the implementation of the CLEAN LA Solar Program - the nation’s largest solar rooftop program, which is being hailed as a model for the nation.

In its first five years, this 150 Megawatt Solar Rooftop Program will power 34,250 households while offsetting 2.25 billion tons of carbon emissions. In addition to creating energy, this program has the potential to generate a ½ billion in private investment and more than 4,300 local, good jobs in underserved communities - many of which are located in solar hotspots and possess a trained labor force. The program was proposed by the LA Business Council and was adopted by the City Council and the LA Department of Water & Power in January 2013.

On February 18, 2014, the LABCi released the report <FIT 100 in Los Angeles: An Evaluation of Early Progress> with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. On the same day, the LADWP Board of Commissioners approved the third 20MW tranche.  The Clean LA Coalition is working with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to expand the program to UCLA’s recommended 600 MW.  Furthermore, the LABCi will continue to partner with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation and the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity to conduct research and release a report that will provide an early snapshot of the local impacts and offer suggestions for maximizing the benefits as the program seeks to scale up to a 600 MW Program.