Citizen Engagement Lab

  • Grant:
    CELEF Climate Project

The CEL Climate Project is building a network of member-driven, tech-savvy organizing projects that mobilize people where they most directly connect to climate change, empowering them to win concrete victories and shift the U.S. climate conversation to one of urgency and progress.

The CEL Climate Project approach follows the structure of their parent organization, Citizen Engagement Lab, in that they seek to build powerful communities, infuse them with innovation, and facilitate collaboration within and outside of those communities.

Their first project, Forecast the Facts, mobilizes people to fight climate change denial and celebrate the heroes who speak hard truths about the climate crisis. Forecast the Facts’ accomplishments include forcing 20 major corporations to defund the climate-change-denying Heartland Institute, and the Climate Silence campaign, which pushed back against the lack of climate discussion during the 2012 election.