Accountability Counsel

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    Human Rights

Founded in 2009, Accountability Counsel has revolutionized the options for seeking justice for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Accountability Counsel defends the environmental and human rights of communities around the world by holding corporate and institutional violators accountable through dual approaches: direct support to communities and policy advocacy.  Part of a global movement, Accountability Counsel works to ensure accountability and access to remedy for communities whose rights have been violated by corporations and international financial institutions such as the World Bank. Often, human rights and environmental abuses are perpetrated with impunity in the name of economic development. Accountability Counsel aims to ensure that communities harmed by such abuses have access to justice, that responsible actors are held accountable, and ultimately that corporations and financial institutions change their approach to human rights and community engagement. Envisioning a world in which community voices and interests are an integral element in corporate activities and development projects, making human rights abuses in the name of economic development a thing of the past.