The Energy Program focuses on two, linked goals: challenging the development of fossil fuels and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.

Climate science indicates that in order to avoid catastrophic climate change, the majority of known fossil fuel reserves cannot be produced. But beyond just the climate necessity for such action, a rapid transition away from fossil fuels is critical in order to protect communities impacted by their extraction, transportation, and use – particularly low-income communities and communities of color.

The challenge of making this shift also comes with an incredible opportunity to re-shape how our energy system functions. Dramatic advancements in the viability and affordability of technologies like rooftop solar and energy storage have given communities new opportunities to design systems more resilient, accessible, and democratic than those of past decades.

The Energy Program invests in organizations and strategies on both sides of this transition, with an emphasis on opportunities in which restrictions on fossil fuels and advancement of cleaner alternatives can occur concurrently.

Some of our Grantees: